PROJECT: Darwinstruments

Project Title: Darwinstruments
Date: Winter, 2006
Project Link:

Darwinstruments allows the user to create multi-tone sound toys using genetic algorithms. Each sound toy is a neural network with nodal virtual instruments. To activate the nodes and hear the instruments, the user simply has to mouse over the graphical clusters. Each of the Darwinstruments will behave differently, and as such will play a different composition when activated. Selecting two instruments (they become red when selected) and hitting the hybridize button will engage the process of breeding a new population:


This process can be repeated. While the population starts off quite different (notice that the clusters above vary in symbols and composition), after a few rounds of hybridization, they optimize:

The control panel on the left allows the user to toggle between different sound sets. The slider at the top of the control panel adjusts the action potential of the neural networks – networks with a higher potential will behave more erratically 

Darwinstruments was built in Flash, using ActionScript 2.0. 

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