Spring Speaking: Munich & Miami

I’ll be in good company at the TOCA ME Design Conference in Munich in March; other speakers for this one-day event include Joshua Davis, GMUNK, Joel Gethin Lewis and Strukt. The program combines a day of presentations, an exhibition of local and international artists, and of course a chance to meet and converse with a host of interesting people. I have heard nothing but great things about TOCA ME and I am very excited to be a part of this year’s event. TOCA ME Design Conference, Munich, 03.07.09

A month later, I’ll be heading down to Florida for this year’s warmest Flash conference – FOTB Miami. The average temperature in Miami in April is 76º, which certainly seems appealing given the chilly weather that has assailed North America lately. On top of the climate, Conference organizer extraordinaire John Davey has put together a great program for this 3 day event. I’d list the names here, but there are too many – check out the site for all of the details. The conference is an excellent value, and a rare chance for those of you in the Southern USA to get to a Flash conference without a lot of travel. Get your Early-bird tickets now, and your drinks-with-umbrellas-in-them in April! Flash on the Beach Miami, South Beach, 04-06.09-04.08.09

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