Strange Attractors

Nathan Selikoff says:

For the past three years I have been experimenting with imagery generated by strange attractors, visual representations of chaotic dynamical systems that can be intuitively understood as a pendulum tracing its path through space.

The result is his Strange Attractors Explorer, written in C++. The app gives users the ability to explore a variety of mathematical attractors, and to modify variables in real time and change the way the systems are rendered.

The results are beautiful. Thanks to Nathan for posting in the forums, which have been a bit slow as of late. So if you haven’t signed up yet, please do – my hope is to grow a community of people doing interesting things with computers and to give them a place to brainstorm and share. In related news, I’m hoping to move the forum (and this blog) over to Drupal before Christmas, which should make for a better experience for everyone.

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