tree.growth.redux by Christian Flaccus

Munich designer Christian Flaccus used my tree.growth source code to create this amazing print, which includes, along with a hugely detailed tree, all of the Processing code used to render the tree. It’s giant – about 84 x 120cm, and is printed at 400dpi.

Digital artists talk a lot about preservation techniques for flaky digital storage media – and indeed a solution that comes up fairly often is to transfer the code onto a much more permanent, more archive-friendly medium – paper. So I suppose this poster serves as an archive as well – I’ll hope that Christian takes good care of it.

4 thoughts on “tree.growth.redux”

    1. Hi Clay,

      This is due to a naming change in the toxiclibs library.

      Change this:

      import toxi.geom.util.*;

      To this:

      import toxi.geom.mesh.*;

      And you should be good.

      1. It still fails silently (on my Mac). In fact, the required libraries aren't imported in the code available from your site. Is it just a standard import of the toxiclibs core?

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