Later this week, I’ll be traveling to the UK. First, to present at the always excellent Flash on the Beach conference in Brighton. I’m excited about this year’s event where, in addition to the usual suspects, organizer John Davey has added some new names.

I’m particularly looking forward to see Karsten Schmidt (aka Toxi) present. I am an admirer of Karsten’s work and couldn’t get through a day of Processing without using one or more of his fantastically useful libraries. I’m also looking forward to Andy Polaine’s session. Andy is a writer and researcher who will share some insights learned from his PhD project on interactivity and play. Add to that a new math-themed session from Mario Klingemann, and I know I’ll be leaving Brighton with a full brain.

After Brighton, I am in London for 4 days, where I will try to sneak into ThisHappened, and likely check out a few other events during London Digital Week. If anyone has any suggestions for shows/pubs/exhibitions to check out while I’m in London, let me know.

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