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YVR -> BOS -> NYC -> MSP

Next week I’m heading out for a multi-stop trip to the USA.

I’ll be in Boston for Flash on Tap from the 28th to the 31st of May. Flash on Tap looks to be a great event – not only is there an interesting speaker lineup, there are also 13 microbreweries pouring in the evenings. I’m speaking at 10am on a Friday, which might be a bit early for a pint. I’ll be talking about a raft of projects centred around a theme of emergence, including some recent and brand new work.

After Boston, I head to New York to visit museums, eat as much as I can, and try not to look too much like a first-time New Yorker. Coincidentally I’ll be there for the same week as CAT – though I’m not attending, perhaps I’ll run into some creative technology types while I am wandering the streets. If anyone knows of other events happening in NYC in the first week of June, please let me know.

Finally, I’ll fly into Minneapolis for Flashbelt. I’ve already told you how much I like this event – if you haven’t already bought a ticket, there’s still time. I’ll be speaking at Flashbelt about my work with the NYTimes APIs as well as a broad range of topics surrounding open data and visualization. I’ll also be showing some work as part of the Data Art Show at the Pink Hobo Gallery in Minneapolis – along with James Paterson and Mario Klingemann.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to talk to some of you along the way. If you are going to be attending either event, or are in Boston, New York, or Minneapolis and would like to say hello, feel free to fire me an e-mail or send a tweet.

Brighton, Beach, Boston & Beer

Fall is sneaking up on us fast, and with it comes two brand new Flash conferences that I will be speaking at: Flash on the Beach, and Flash on Tap. At both conferences, I will be presenting a new session titled Emergence, in which I will sneak peak some brand new work, and talk in detail about my ongoing Colour Economy project. Here’s the session description:

Emergence refers to the way that complex systems and patterns arise out of relatively simple interactions. In this session we’ll look into some of the ideas behind emergence, and will explore in detail the role it plays in the creative process. We’ll talk about the effects of emergence in a variety of diverse areas, including economies, ecologies, and, of course, barrooms. Along the way, I’ll show a variety of new generative works which tread into emergent territories, and will unravel some of the underlying code that brings these projects to life.

Flash on the Beach is actually in its second year, though this will be my first chance to attend. Held in Brighton, UK, the conference is attracting a big range of speakers, with Flash favourites like Brandan Hall, Mario Klingemann and Robert Hodgin being joined by some interesting outside speakers, like artist Jonathan Harris (wefeelfine.org). Word from the organizers is that there are only a few tickets left. Last year’s event garnered rave reviews from pretty much everyone involved – I am hoping that FOTB08 will bring more of the same.

The new kid on the conference block is Flash on Tap. Yes, this conference is exactly what you (and I!) hoped it might be – a conference combined with a beer festival. The three day conference is scheduled with mornings of one-hour presentations followed by afternoon keynote sessions on the second and third day – the first day consists of workshops. On all three days there are beer-themed events in the evening – beer tastings, parties, and other events. Not surprisingly, the flash/beer combo has attracted a stellar list of speakers – though I noticed reading the bios that a few of the speakers don’t drink beer at all! Scandalous! Flash on Tap runs October 7th, 8th, and 9th. You can register for the conference on the website.