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Later this week, I’ll be traveling to the UK. First, to present at the always excellent Flash on the Beach conference in Brighton. I’m excited about this year’s event where, in addition to the usual suspects, organizer John Davey has added some new names.

I’m particularly looking forward to see Karsten Schmidt (aka Toxi) present. I am an admirer of Karsten’s work and couldn’t get through a day of Processing without using one or more of his fantastically useful libraries. I’m also looking forward to Andy Polaine’s session. Andy is a writer and researcher who will share some insights learned from his PhD project on interactivity and play. Add to that a new math-themed session from Mario Klingemann, and I know I’ll be leaving Brighton with a full brain.

After Brighton, I am in London for 4 days, where I will try to sneak into ThisHappened, and likely check out a few other events during London Digital Week. If anyone has any suggestions for shows/pubs/exhibitions to check out while I’m in London, let me know.

Spring Speaking: Munich & Miami

I’ll be in good company at the TOCA ME Design Conference in Munich in March; other speakers for this one-day event include Joshua Davis, GMUNK, Joel Gethin Lewis and Strukt. The program combines a day of presentations, an exhibition of local and international artists, and of course a chance to meet and converse with a host of interesting people. I have heard nothing but great things about TOCA ME and I am very excited to be a part of this year’s event. TOCA ME Design Conference, Munich, 03.07.09

A month later, I’ll be heading down to Florida for this year’s warmest Flash conference – FOTB Miami. The average temperature in Miami in April is 76º, which certainly seems appealing given the chilly weather that has assailed North America lately. On top of the climate, Conference organizer extraordinaire John Davey has put together a great program for this 3 day event. I’d list the names here, but there are too many – check out the site for all of the details. The conference is an excellent value, and a rare chance for those of you in the Southern USA to get to a Flash conference without a lot of travel. Get your Early-bird tickets now, and your drinks-with-umbrellas-in-them in April! Flash on the Beach Miami, South Beach, 04-06.09-04.08.09

FOTB Follow-up

Thanks to everyone who attended my session this morning at Flash on the Beach. From the stage, I saw nothing but darkness – so I hope not too many people were using the hour to take a quick nap. Here are some links to projects I showed during the presentation, as well as the reading list I showed briefly at the end of the session.

As always, I’d love to hear questions and feedback – blprnt@blprnt.com

Brighton, Beach, Boston & Beer

Fall is sneaking up on us fast, and with it comes two brand new Flash conferences that I will be speaking at: Flash on the Beach, and Flash on Tap. At both conferences, I will be presenting a new session titled Emergence, in which I will sneak peak some brand new work, and talk in detail about my ongoing Colour Economy project. Here’s the session description:

Emergence refers to the way that complex systems and patterns arise out of relatively simple interactions. In this session we’ll look into some of the ideas behind emergence, and will explore in detail the role it plays in the creative process. We’ll talk about the effects of emergence in a variety of diverse areas, including economies, ecologies, and, of course, barrooms. Along the way, I’ll show a variety of new generative works which tread into emergent territories, and will unravel some of the underlying code that brings these projects to life.

Flash on the Beach is actually in its second year, though this will be my first chance to attend. Held in Brighton, UK, the conference is attracting a big range of speakers, with Flash favourites like Brandan Hall, Mario Klingemann and Robert Hodgin being joined by some interesting outside speakers, like artist Jonathan Harris (wefeelfine.org). Word from the organizers is that there are only a few tickets left. Last year’s event garnered rave reviews from pretty much everyone involved – I am hoping that FOTB08 will bring more of the same.

The new kid on the conference block is Flash on Tap. Yes, this conference is exactly what you (and I!) hoped it might be – a conference combined with a beer festival. The three day conference is scheduled with mornings of one-hour presentations followed by afternoon keynote sessions on the second and third day – the first day consists of workshops. On all three days there are beer-themed events in the evening – beer tastings, parties, and other events. Not surprisingly, the flash/beer combo has attracted a stellar list of speakers – though I noticed reading the bios that a few of the speakers don’t drink beer at all! Scandalous! Flash on Tap runs October 7th, 8th, and 9th. You can register for the conference on the website.