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NYT: This was 1984

NYTimes: 365/360 - 1985

This series of images uses the faceted searching abilities of the NYTimes Article Search API to construct maps of the top organizations & people mentioned in articles for a given news year. Connections between these entities are drawn, so that relationships can be found and followed.

NYTimes: 365/360 - 2001

NYTimes: 365/360 - 2009

The maps posted so far in the Flickr set are general ones – but these can also be generated for any refined keyword search. Similarly, while the current maps are for individual years, a map could be made for any given period of time (the Bush presidency, the Gulf War, September 2001), or indeed for the whole period of time available through the API (1981-present).

One of the best things about using Processing for these types of projects is that the final result can be output to different formats. These, for example, can be output very easily as .PDFs, and I do think they’d look particularly striking as wall-sized prints. 25 years * 10 feet… does anyone have a 250-foot long wall they can lend me?