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Fall Processing Workshops – Sept. 12 & Oct. 3

Circle patterns
Circle Patterns, by Alex Beim. See more of Alex’s Processing experiments in this Flickr set.

I was as surprised as anyone to look at the calendar yesterday and see that we’ve left summer behind. It’s September, the days are getting shorter, school is back in session, and soon the shorts will go back into the drawer. This (former) summer saw my first experiments with holding day-long Processing workshops in my house/church/studio. I’m happy to say that they were a success. We managed to cover a lot of ground in a short period of time, and I like to think that everyone who attended left with some excitement about creating with code. I’ve been very happy to see a lot attendees continuing their work with Processing. You can see one example from Alex Beim at the top of this post, and a few more from Dave Shea below.

I’ve decided to carry on with the workshops into the Fall. The next Introduction to Processing workshop will be held on Saturday, September 12th. The next Processing for Web Developers workshops (or Processing Level 2) will be held on Saturday, October 3rd.

A collection of some of Dave Shea‘s processing sketches. Dave is documenting his experiences with Processing on his blog, Ex Nihilo.

Worth noting is the discount system – if you are a student, you get 10% off. If you refer someone else, you get 10% off (refer 2, get 20%). If you’ve already taken a workshop with me, you get another 10% off. I feel like I should make an infomercial!

Space is limited for both workshops, so please get in touch with me if you’d like to reserve a spot. For more details, please check out the workshops page.

Summer Creative Coding Workshops in Vancouver: Processing, Processing, Processing!

For years I have been teaching programming courses of various varieties at Langara College, as part of their Electronic Media Design program. The course I teach is great – I get to introduce programming to groups of designers over 14 weeks, starting with Processing and moving into ActionScript. The problem is, this course is only available as part of the full-time EMD program. I’ve always wanted to teach creative coding & Processing to a wider audience in Vancouver, but have never really had the venue.

Main room, 2005, looking down toward altar

Now, I do. Our studio and living space is a renovated mission church in Vancouver’s historic Strathcona neighbourhood. I think it will be the perfect place to teach to small groups, so I am going to do just that! As a test run this summer, I’ll be running a series of one-day workshops about Processing. If you have every wanted to get into creative coding, this is a perfect opportunity for you to learn how to use a computer program to build visual and multi-media projects. If you are already a programmer, but want to learn Processing as a prototyping tool, for tangible computing projects, or for data visualizaiton, we have workshops for you, as well.

Here is the schedule for the first few workshops:

  • Introduction to Processing – Saturday May 2nd, Saturday June 27th
  • Processing for Web Programmers – Sunday May 3rd, Sunday June 28th
  • Processing & Data Visualization – Dates TBA

Processing is an electronic sketchbook for developing ideas. Since its simple beginnings at the MIT Media Lab, it has emerged as an invaluable tool for media artists, designers, and programmers around the world. Processing is a friendly language for beginners – and at the same time a powerful tool for coders of all levels.

For prices, dates, and other information, or to book your place in a session, read the workshops page or get in touch with me.