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Summer Creative Coding Workshops in Vancouver: Processing, Processing, Processing!

For years I have been teaching programming courses of various varieties at Langara College, as part of their Electronic Media Design program. The course I teach is great – I get to introduce programming to groups of designers over 14 weeks, starting with Processing and moving into ActionScript. The problem is, this course is only available as part of the full-time EMD program. I’ve always wanted to teach creative coding & Processing to a wider audience in Vancouver, but have never really had the venue.

Main room, 2005, looking down toward altar

Now, I do. Our studio and living space is a renovated mission church in Vancouver’s historic Strathcona neighbourhood. I think it will be the perfect place to teach to small groups, so I am going to do just that! As a test run this summer, I’ll be running a series of one-day workshops about Processing. If you have every wanted to get into creative coding, this is a perfect opportunity for you to learn how to use a computer program to build visual and multi-media projects. If you are already a programmer, but want to learn Processing as a prototyping tool, for tangible computing projects, or for data visualizaiton, we have workshops for you, as well.

Here is the schedule for the first few workshops:

  • Introduction to Processing – Saturday May 2nd, Saturday June 27th
  • Processing for Web Programmers – Sunday May 3rd, Sunday June 28th
  • Processing & Data Visualization – Dates TBA

Processing is an electronic sketchbook for developing ideas. Since its simple beginnings at the MIT Media Lab, it has emerged as an invaluable tool for media artists, designers, and programmers around the world. Processing is a friendly language for beginners – and at the same time a powerful tool for coders of all levels.

For prices, dates, and other information, or to book your place in a session, read the workshops page or get in touch with me.

Goodbye Drupal, Hello WordPress

If you’ve ever thought to yourself “I’d like to spend a week doing something really tedious and frustrating involving databases and swearing”, I would recommend migrating a blog from Drupal to WordPress. As you can see, things are a bit cleaner around here, and hopefully the switch will mean I’ll be posting a bit more. However, the entire process was a headache. There is no easy ‘import from Drupal’ plugin for WP, and there is certainly no ‘export to WP’ option in Drupal. So, things had to happen the hard way. My database skills are about on par with my rhythmic gymnastics skills, which certainly didn’t help matters. Still, I managed to move everything over, and I *think* all of the links from the old site still work.

If you do find something that doesn’t work the way it should, please let me know.